Adams Quilt Trail

Care to go for a drive through the country, and enjoy the quilt squares in Adams? Drive through the area and take a look at the beautiful quilt squares along the Adams Quilt Trail!

This trail features addresses with waypoints.

Jeff and Kim Ayres
5465 Dowlen Road-Cedar Hill
36.352855N and -87.002836W

Jimmy and Sherry  Ayres
3233 Benton Road-Cedar Hill
36.5742692Nand -86.9961262W

Adams Station Barbeque
7716 Highway 41N-Adams
35.94045295N and -86.4225139999W

Adams Volunteer Fire Hall
7721 Highway 41N-Adams
35.94045295N and -86.4225139999W

Robert and Kay Bagby
5943 Bryant Road-Adams
36.61337N and -87.112926W

5691 Bagby Road-Adams
36.36190N and -87.060363W

Bell School
7617 Highway 41N-Adams
35.94045295N and -86.4225139999W
36.580453N and -87.060057W

Grant Bell
4313 Airport Road-Springfield
36.531355N and -86.919694W

Bessie Bryant
1410 South Bryant Road-Adams
36.5450892N and -87.110085W

Buddy Bryant
1351 Stroudsville Road-Adams
36.487539N and -86.919694W

Mike and Mary Callis
105 Maple Street-Adams
36.350748N and -87.035359W

City Maintenance Building
7581 Highway 41N-Adams
36.344704N and -87.003593W

Dowlen Barn
Corner of Bell Cross Road and Kinneys Road-Adams
36.340054N and -87.034521W

Jerry and Beverly Dozier
3176 Kinneys Road-Cedar Hill
36.5189847N and -86.934171W

Kathy Hansen
2130 Fairgrounds Road-Adams
36.642251N and -87.124239W

Katherine Linebaugh
1490 Fairgrounds Road-Adams
36.640468N and -87.139868W

Gloria Murphy
3269 Kinneys Road-Cedar Hill
36.534007N and -86.982125W

Shade Tree Farm & Orchard
2087 Kinneys Road-Adams
36.554244N and -87.068161W

Irvin Tilley
1699 Hooper Hollow Road-Adams
36.602873N and -87.100729W